Millions of businesses and individuals rely on Intuit’s QuickBooks software to keep track of their financial details and transactions. While QuickBooks is a robust, time-tested application, the data files it creates can become corrupt and inaccessible.

When that happens, a great deal of important information could be lost if the data cannot be recovered. There are three different means of quickbooks data recovery, each of which could be worth considering in any given case. An in-depth look at how best to leverage the most powerful and flexible of these could be useful, in general.

Three Possible Ways to Recover Corrupt QuickBooks Data

QuickBooks stores all its data in a file with a proprietary format and a “QBW” extension. It also keeps a second file for backup purposes, in many situations, using the extension for “QBB,” in this case.

Problems with a computer’s storage media or other issues can cause the primary QBW file to become corrupt. When that happens, some or all of the data present within it will become unreadable and inaccessible until the problem is resolved.

Fortunately, virtually all cases of QBW corruption can be addressed at least partially. While some amount of data will sometimes be lost, the vast majority of the information can be recovered in most instances. There are three distinct approaches that can be used for quickbooks data recovery:

In case you don’t know much about it, read through the points below:

  • Built-in, automatic recovery. Many versions of QuickBooks include an automatic recovery feature that can restore damaged or corrupt QBW files. Although this functionality is not available in the Accountant Edition of QuickBooks or those that run on Mac computers, it is present in recent releases of the three most popular versions for Microsoft Windows. The QuickBooks auto data recovery system relies on the presence of a readable QBB file, which cannot always be guaranteed to be available. When the primary QBW file grows beyond 1.5 gigabytes in size, for instance, QuickBooks will no longer generate this backup.
  • Standalone software. Some vendors have developed independent software applications that are intended to recover data which the built-in QuickBooks functionality cannot. These products typically have fewer limitations than the integrated recovery system and often include additional features. Some are able to generate a preview of the data that can be recovered, for instance, in a trial mode that allows users to decide whether buying the full program will be worthwhile.
  • Manual service. The most effective and flexible type of quickbooks data recovery relies on the hands-on help of experts. A damaged QBW can be sent off to a professional who will inspect it manually and recover the inaccessible data by the most appropriate means. Even in cases where the built-in functionality or a standalone program does not work, a manual quickbooks data file repair will often yield results.

What to Look for in a Data Recovery Service

Confidentiality. The best data recovery services will make sure never to divulge any of the potentially sensitive information that might be found in a QuickBooks file. Living up to such a promise requires the existence of appropriate processes and safeguards.

Speed. Turnaround times vary, but some services will repair corrupt QBW files within a couple of days and make them available to clients immediately thereafter. In many cases, being able to have a QuickBooks file restored quickly will prevent costly and undesirable disruption of business.

Security. Should a QuickBooks file end up in the wrong hands, serious professional or even personal damage could result. Data recovery services should always have strong security measures in place.

Guarantee. Generally speaking, a quickbooks data recovery service should only charge a fee if it is actually able to recover the required data. Even if a great deal of effort was invested, clients should not be expected to pay for data that was not recovered.

Free evaluation. Many companies offer a free evaluation of corrupt files that makes it easer to decide whether their services will be worth using. This will sometimes even make it possible to see how a number of services compare before committing to any of them.

Accuracy. Carrying out a or QBW or quickbooks company file repair is not a guarantee of restoring the original data. Some services employ accountants and other experts who check to make sure accurate results were obtained.

Compatibility. There are many versions of QuickBooks that are being actively used today. A service that is able to work with versions which do not include a built-in recovery feature or are not compatible with standalone software could be the only real option.

Never a Need to Panic About Corrupt QuickBooks Files

Looking into issues like these should help highlight the services that are best positioned to assist with the recovery and repair of damaged QuickBooks files. In most cases, experienced professionals will be able to recover the vast majority of data that had previously seemed lost.

While the built-in recovery feature or a standalone program will sometimes be helpful, dedicated recovery services tend to be the most effective by far. Given the importance of QuickBooks and the data its files contain to so many companies and individuals, that makes the use of a recovery service almost always worth considering.